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Pressurized Certified Panel

Preipolar’s Ex p pressurized cabinets are designed on the NFPA496 and/or CENELEC EN50016 guidelines and purpose built according to each clients’s requirements.

Our ability to deliver “Custom Made” is one of the main reasons for choosing our solution.

We deliver turn-key solutions with cabinets made in stainless steel 316/316L & CRCA. The range includes complete control and distribution panels to the pressurized protection standard Ex p, empty enclosures for equipment to the Ex p protection standard, complete with fitted components including control device, air supply and pressure monitoring unit, individual components protected to pressurized standard Ex p.

The Offered panels shall be CCOE/PESO or ATEX certified.

PLC Control

Preipolar offers PLC Automation Control Panels with ease in modification of logic, reduced size, means of remote communications and advances in the technology, Preipolar has provided PLC /VFD based Panels from PLC of Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE IP,ABB& Honeywell . From small I/O application to the complex I/O systems are provided by the Preipolar.

Preipolar has developed communication software’s for remote communication of the PLC Panels in various different protocols. With PLC based Panels HMI/MMI are provided to provide the operator various messages and controls of the process plants touch screen MMI are provided to effective control of the system.

Preipolar offers PLC solutions to clients across domains including oil & gas, Water, Automobile, Factory automation, rubber, chemicals etc. We have developed expertise over the decade in offering optimum cost effective Automation Solutions.


Instrument rack panel / Local gauge panels

Preipolar offers wide range of Local gauge/ standalone instrument Rack panels for various applications like Control oil, Lube oil, Fuel gas, gas analyzers, mineral oils, Inlet & Exhaust steam control panels for turbines & generators.

Preipolar can offer the complete packaging of the various machines (centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, blowers, fans, pumps, turbo expanders, …) with the integration of their own auxiliary systems.

All the offered panels can be on the CCOE/PESO, UL/FM, TR-CU , IECEX certified depending on the Client requirements.

Preipolar also offers instrument rack solutions for extreme environments ranging -40`C to 60`C and various seismic zones.

Dry Gas Seal Skids

Dry gas seals in process gas centrifugal compressors have replaced traditional oil film seals in most applications including centrifugal gas compressors. Dry gas seals are basically mechanical face seals, consisting of mating (rotating) ring and a primary (stationary) ring.

During operation, grooves in the mating ring generate a fluid-dynamic force causing the primary ring to separate from the mating ring creating a “running gap” between the two rings. A sealing gas is injected into the seal, providing the working fluid for the running gap and the seal between the atmosphere or flare system and the compressor internal process gas.


On-site,start-up and Commissioning services.

Since its foundation, PREIPOLAR technicians have worked on multiple sites across the world. Start-up and commissioning activities of our systems are carried out effectively by our staffs.
The vast experience of our technicians possess together with their solid technical competence, task-centered approach and problem-solving skills allows them to operate in difficult environmental conditions thus making them to cooperate with all other teams present on the site.

We provide on-Site Services which includes Earthing Check, Hot/Cold IO Loop Check, Auxiliary Checks, Start-up Check, Configuration of Ethernet Switch, Checking of third Party Communication, Technical Training to Operator / Maintenance Engineer on new Control System and SCADA.

Generator Control and Protection Panels (GCPP)

GCPPs are used for the management of automatic and manual power generators. Main features include :
  • management of automatic and manual commands for generator start-up, network synchronization, main circuit breaker closure and line auxiliary circuit breakers closure.
  • Control of generator excitation circuit.
  • Monitoring and display of all electrical machine parameters.
  • Protection against generator faults and malfunctioning, management of main circuit breaker trips and alarm sequencing.
  • Interfacing with turbine and auxiliary control systems, plant and electrical system supervisors.
GCPP system specifications are adaptable to client requirements. Control logic are implemented by PLC and/or hardware.

EIL Certification

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EMS Certification

OHS Certification

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