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Local Panel

Local Control panel and mounted accessories shall be suitable for mounting locations in open spaces and non-air-conditioned roofs. Panel and associated accessories shall be designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions at site. Panel in open areas shall be weatherproof to IP-55 as per IS/ IEC-60529. Gasketed, Toughened Glass Doors, shall be used for normal visibility wherever required.

Preipolar is proud to present Local Panels, the way you control and monitor your systems. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we have harnessed our expertise, creativity, and innovation to develop these Panels with compact, comfort, ergonomics, efficacy, and optimization.


Local Panels are control panels designed by Preipolar for monitoring and controlling systems. They are suitable for mounting in open spaces and non-air-conditioned roofs.

Local Panels and their associated accessories are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions at the installation site.

Local Panels for open areas are weatherproof to IP-55 standards, as per IS/IEC 60529, ensuring protection against dust and water ingress.

Gasketed, Toughened Glass Doors are used in Local Panels to provide normal visibility where required.

Preipolar’s Local Panels offer compact design, comfort, ergonomics, efficacy, and optimization to enhance their functionality and usability.

By using these Panels, you can have better control and monitoring capabilities for your systems, improving overall efficiency and performance.

Yes, Preipolar’s Panels are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, making them ideal for harsh outdoor locations.

Yes, these are suitable for mounting in non-air-conditioned roofs and open spaces, making them versatile for various installation scenarios.

Preipolar stands out as a leading manufacturer due to their expertise, creativity, and innovation, which have been harnessed to develop high-quality and efficient Local Panels.

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