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Preipolar Introductory Article

In today’s scenario, all industries irrespective of the sector that they belong to, are armed and powered by various automation and safety processes. Especially when we take heavy industries involved in manufacturing and production, are heavily dependent on various automation and safety processes. The crust of it might seem to be just a reduction of human involvement. But it has led to the development in all possible aspects.

The main component involved in this boon of safety and automation is the control panels. There are different types of control panels that are used for different purposes. The design and production of control panels demand the highest levels of expertise. There are very few brands that were able to live up to the global standards through which they have established a global presence. One among them is Preipolar Pvt. Ltd.

Preipolar offers the finest quality of control panels which is now being used in all of the biggest industries in the world. Their expertise lies in three control panels. They are

  1. Purge & Pressurization Panels
  2. Intrinsic Safety Panels
  3. Explosion Proof Panels

Purge & Pressurization Panels

Purge & Pressurization is a process that involves various steps. The first one is to remove the gas mixture from the housing that might cause the explosion. It is then followed by supplying inert gas to the housing. By carrying out these above-mentioned procedures, the enclosure is over-pressured, which prevent the explosion.

Intrinsic Safety Panels

Intrinsic safety is the process of avoiding explosion by enabling systems that use low energy levels. The use of low energy level systems reduces the possibility of an explosion.

There are different methods of intrinsic safety, which include containment, segregation, and prevention.

Explosion Proof Panels

Explosion-proof control panels are also referred to as hazardous location panels. These are specifically designed and built to function is areas where there is a high possibility of ignition and explosions. It has a wide range of industrial applications and has been ensuring safety across various industries.

Why Preipolar?

In this competitive field, Preipolar has managed to stay on the top of its game. It has withstood the test of time and has emerged as one of the most reliable brands. Our innovative and dedicated team of professionals is pushing their boundaries day in and day out. Our uncompromising attitude towards quality and timely delivery has made us stand out from the rest of our competition.

From day one till date, the brand Preipolar is so synonymous with offering products with unparalleled quality. Our clients from all over the world are a living testimony of this statement.

There are possibilities that the entire business ecosystem might get a complete makeover. But as a reliable brand, we can definitely ensure is our on-time delivery and premium quality.

Our Vision For The Future

The biggest failure of any business is being stagnant and not embracing the new technologies. Luckily Peripolar has been innovating and advancing in the right direction by adapting the changes that has been emerging in the industry from its early stages.

Our vision is to keep innovating and always be future-ready. With the way things are progressing, there are no second thoughts about the fact that Preipolar Pvt.Ltd. is going to reach great heights and become a global leader in this sector.

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