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Preipolar – Facts About Purge Panels

Purge panels are not less than a revolution, taking into account the way it has impacted the functioning of various industries. But it is not that different from most innovations that have come across the human race. It is because most people have no idea that something called purge panels is out there and is eliminating the explosions in the industrial area making the many workplaces a safe place to work. To make things crystal clear, here are some of the interesting facts about purge panels.

The Versatile Explosion Protection Methods

The above statement is no exaggeration. There are no second thoughts about the fact that purge panels are the most preferred way to protect explosion, irrespective of the type of industry. The fact that it is versatile is one of the main reasons why it is a globally accepted method.

Rapid Exchange Method

One of the important aspects of purging is to remove hazardous gases, replacing it with non-hazardous gases, and maintaining the enclosure with positive pressure. The air exchange method is achieved through this method called the rapid exchange method. The hazardous gases are pumped out and are filled with inert gases. The enclosure filled with inert gas is pressurized so that no foreign body enters. When all of these procedures are done, the electrical supply is given.

Enhanced Safety

No technology can survive if it remains stagnant. It is mandatory to innovate to keep up with the new trends and purge panels are not an exception. In the initial stages purge panels were all about eliminating explosions. But it has gone through some changes which have increased the safety aspect of it. Purge panels are now equipped with alarm systems through which they can alert people if there is a pressure drop or leak of gas in the enclosure. In event of an alarm going on, the power supply is automatically cut.

The Primary Factors

There are four major factors that influence the selection of the appropriate purge systems. They are

  1. Area classification

Area classification plays a curtail role in purge and pressurization. It is because the classification mainly depends on the possibility of flammable gas emission or dust. The intensity of the hazard varies according to the chances of ignition.

  1. Equipment rating

The rating of the equipment that is used in the vicinity is also important. There are might be some industries that are located in a non-hazardous area, but still, their equipment can possibly trigger an explosion.

  1. Types of enclosure

There are different types of enclosures that are used for different industries and for different purposes.

  • Type X System – General Purpose
  • Type Y System – For Zone 2
  • Type Z System – For Zone 2 (specifics)
  1. Power requirement of the equipment

The equipment used in the premises is an important factor. It goes without saying that the equipment that uses high power demands a strong enclosure and special attention must be given which is not the case for equipment that has low or normal power requirements.

Even though there are various other parameters that also need to be taken into consideration, the above-mentioned factors are more like the key decision-makers when it comes to deciding the ideal purge panel systems.

With Preipolar, you will have a dedicated team of experts at your disposal. Proper inspections and thorough examinations will be conducted before designing and manufacturing the appropriate purge and pressurization systems. With our fullest confidence because of our expertise in the field, we can assure you that all of our clients will be rendered unparalleled quality.

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  2. In collaboration with public partners, Business connects local businesses and job-seeking residents with government-funded resources.

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